Defense Engines

When duty calls, MaxxForce® D engines answer.

MaxxForce engines power wheeled, tracked, and specialty defense vehicles that meet your needs, on the highway and on the battlefield. Militarized MaxxForce D engines are custom-engineered, NATO-tested and JP-8-compatible.

For military equipment manufacturers, full power pack systems include MaxxForce D engine, transmission, cooling system and accessories.

MaxxForce D engines currently serve in more than 21 nations, with over 30,000 vehicles supported by a global parts warehousing, distribution, sales, training and service network.


Defense Engines

Engine Config Power Torque More Info Compare
MaxxForce 3.0D I-4 138 hp 260 lb.-ft. 
MaxxForce 6.0D V-8 325-340 hp 570-660 lb.-ft. 
MaxxForce 6.4D V-8 400 hp 800 lb.-ft. 
MaxxForce 7.6D I-6 210-300 hp 560-860 lb.-ft. 
MaxxForce 8.7D I-6 275-330 hp 800-950 lb.-ft. 
MaxxForce 9.3D I-6 375-465 hp 1250-1525 lb.-ft. 
MaxxForce 12.4D I-6 450-550 hp 1450-1800 lb.-ft.